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Regions of Spain

Castilla y Leon guide

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Make Castilla y Leon the right way!

Castilla y Leon gets its name from the many castles that are spread all over its territory. Land of romanesque and gothic architecture, you will get surprised by the immense beauty of cities like Segovia or Salamanca and by the many small jewels you will encounter on your trip… and if you enjoy food and wine this is your land! This region occupies the main surface in central Spain, a land where locals claim the best Castellano is spoken and where traditions are still kept in many ways, not just during celebrations, but also in daily life. 

Castilla y Leon guide - Contents

Main cities in Castilla y Leon

Cathedral of Leon

León City Guide

León is the Capital of the región of Castilla y León and it’s second largest city. León is located in the north east of the country and is a city that is often overlooked by tourists visiting Spain.

Avila city guide

Segovia city guide with recommended list of hotels, restaurants, places to visit, weather, prices, monuments, things to see and do and much more

Burgos city guide

Burgos city guide

Our Burgos city guide has all the information to plan the perfect getaway to this amazing, historical city of Northern Spain. Discover much more than just the cities legendary Cathedral.

Salamanca city guide

Salamanca city guide

The city of Salamanca isn’t always on peoples radar when planning a trip to Spain, but it most definitely should: a beautiful city filled with history and held as one of UNESCO’S world heritage sites, one of the oldest universities on the planet and tons of delicious (and affordable) food and wine. What else could you want?

Top 14 Segovia tourist attractions

Segovia city guide

Segovia city guide with recommended list of hotels, restaurants, places to visit, weather, prices, monuments, things to see and do and much more

The most beautiful villages of Castilla Leon

La Alberca Salamanca

La Alberca

This village of some 1,500 inhabitants lies at an altitude of 3,444 ft. and is one of Spain’s most charming spots. It has kept much of its medieval character and is now
under national protection. Outside the idyllic village, with its narrow streets and fine squares there are some fine farmsteads with canopy roofs and bay windows. Most
impressive of all, however, is the village’s main square with its arcades of wood and granite. Many of the interesting village customs have survived.

Burgo de Osma

Burgo de Osma

The Villa was declared of special cultural interest due to the historical importance of its monuments: the Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor, the Walls and the Calle Mayor, where you get the feeling that you can get to know the local way of life. Its plaza Mayor is fantastic and so is its imposing cathedral



Sepulveda is a beautiful Segovian town that offers the opportunity to enjoy not just the town, but also great trekking opportunities in the natural reservoir of Hoces del Duraton (home to many vulture families). As part of the Hoces del Duraton you will also be able to enjoy La Ermita de San Frutos and its fantastic scenery

Pedraza, segovia, Castilla Leon


A walled village where cars are not permitted, Pedraza, located at 40 minutes drive from Segovia, is said to be the birthplace of the Emperor Traian himself! and is one of the towns in Segovia and near Madrid with a highly individual character.

La Granja de San Ildefonso

La Granja de San Ildefonso

Located in the province of Segovia, just 15 minutes drive from the city of Segovia (a Unesco heritage site) La Granja de San Ildefonso is one of the royal palaces in Spain near Madrid. Its gardens and fountains make it look like the Spanish version of Versailles.

Castilla Leon, traditions

Top attractions in Castilla y Leon