Hidden Gems

Cadaqués, Gerona

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A day in Cadaqués

Estimated time to visit:  6 hours (lunch time not included)


Cadaqués is one of Catalonias best kept secrets.  What was once the summer residence of Dalí, this small coastal village has everything you could ask for from a small Mediterranean town: beautiful white houses, turquoise water and all the charm and delicious food you can handle. If you are planning on visiting Barcelona or Gerona, Cadaqués makes for an excellent day-trip option. What are you waiting for? 


Cadaqués in a nutshell


The Mediterranean coast of Spain is simply amazing, there is no getting around it: amazing beaches, delicious food, perfect weather, there is nothing not to like. Along the western coast there are many famous cities and villages that are well worth a visit, but Cadaqués is one of those lesser know places that rivals more “touristy” options on the map.

The town of Cadaqués is small and charming. The houses are white, the water is turquoise the streets are narrow and winding, every thing you want out of a village on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. There is a beautiful bay and several pebble beaches you can enjoy and of course many quaint and delicious sea-side eateries one must partake in.

All of this is enough to make Cadaqués special and stand out as a Spanish coastal village, but Cadaqués has a couple other tricks up her sleeve:

First, and less impressively, the village is Spain’s most eastern point, and as close as your going to get to Italy without taking a boat or a plane. More of a fun fact than anything else. Secondly, and much more impressive, Cadaqués was where Salvador Dalí spent most of his summers and much of his later life. The surrealist painter built an otherworldly home in nearby Port Lligat which is still there to this day. Dalí attracted many other famous friends who came to visit him to Cadaqués and the village is still a magnet for celebrity guests.

Cadaqués is 2 hours from Barcelona and just 1 hour from Gerona. If you are thinking of visiting either of these cities, Cadaqués makes for an awesome day trip.

1h 14m from Gerona

2h 12m from Barcelona