Spain month by month: May

Best things to do in Spain in May

Spain in May

May is an excellent time of the year to visit Spain and in this article we cover the best things to do in Spain in May.

Despite Spain is a large country and the weather differs a lot from North to South, temperatures are mild in May, the schools are busy and Spaniards do nto enjoy holidays and tourists are not queuing at each single local attraction.

There are important festivals that happen in May. We cover some of the most important ones here. 

Thngs to do in Spain in May

San Isidro - Madrid

San Isidro Madrid

Each 15th of May in Madrid is the festival of San Isidro, the patron of Madrid. For a period of five days, locals take to the streets to celebrate their pilgrimage in the Pradera of San Isidro and also to enjoy music, dancing and Madrid cuisine in the gardens of the Vistillas.
The day before the party, in the streets of downtown Madrid, you can hear the excitement from the Parade of Giants, announcing the arrival of the Proclamation that occurs on the afternoon of the 14th on Plaza de la Villa.

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Andalusian Horse Fair

Andalusian horses

The Jerez de la Frontera horse fair is a must-visit for anyone in Andalusia in May and for lovers of horses. Andalusian horse shows, sherry wine, flamenco shows, and food. 200 public booths in which food and wine are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. One of Spain´s most colorful festivals

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Patios de Córdoba Festival

Flower and fountain in a patio

The festival of the patios de Cordoba takes place in May. It lasts a bit less than 2 weeks. The festival started as a public competition in 1921. That year, for the first time, the local authorities in Cordoba (the Town-hall) organized a competition. The owners of houses with patios were asked to decorate their patios for this special occasion. Prizes were put in place, besides, of course, the already distinguished honor of winning this prestigious award.

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Girona - Temps de Flors

temps de flors girona

The festival of the Temps de Flors, celebrated in Girona, is held every year and takes place in the cities old quarter. The city is filled with flowers for several days and city bursts with colors and creativity.

This flower exhibition turns the various monuments, patios, and city squares into unique ornamental gardens. The visitor is faced with a fabulous concert of bright colors and penetrating aromas that bring him closer to the cultural heritage of this Catalan city.

Jerez de la Frontera - F1

Jerez f1

Right before the horse fair, Jerez de la Frontera welcomes every month of May the F1 Prix. The “Circuito de Jerez-Ángel Nieto” as it is known is 4,423,101 m long, located in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, province of Cádiz, in Andalusia. It was inaugurated in 1985.

Tuna gastronomy fair in barbate, Cadiz

barbate tuna

A perfect plan for Foodies. Barbate dedicates one full week to Tuna. Exhibitions, show-cooking, guided tours…

The festival begins when the first tunas approach the Atlantic coast of Cadiz Atlantic coast to spawn. At the same time, Orcas famously chase them into the Mediterranean

Tuna is highly coveted in southern Spain because of its tasty meat and appreciated both for chefs and gourmets alike. From April 27 to May 2, 2016, in the vicinity of the Old Market of Barbate, many catering establishments will offer visitors a plethora of tapas, different ways of preparing the tuna. This culinary event offers a program with a variety of activities in which tuna is star including the famous “ronqueo” where the tuna is broken down, and each piece is given use. 

Madrid tennis ATP Masters

The Caja Magica during the Madrid open in May

One of the highlights of Spain during the month of May and a must for tennis fans is the Madrid Open.

It happens before the San Isidro Festival, at a time in which the weather is perfect to enjoy the City of Madrid