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Spain month by month: June

Best things to do in Spain in June

Spain in June

June is an excellent time of the year to visit Spain and in this article we cover the best things to do in Spain in May.

Spain is a large country and the weather can differs a lot from North to South. In June, summer is just around the corner. In the north of Spain, temperatures remain relatively mild, but in southern Spain, the temperature slowly begins to creep up and it can start to get pretty hot in some places. It in not high season just yet but places start getting progressively more crowded from June on in. 

Check out some of the best events, festivals and parties you can enjoy in Spain in June. 

Bornfire during the San Juan Festival in alicate, Spain

San Juan fiestas in Alicante, Spain

The San Juan Fiestas in Alicante, or Bonfires of San Juan, are a celebration of pagan origin that is repeated in many towns in Spain and similarly in other cities around the world for the arrival of the summer solstice. They can go on from the 21st to 23rd of June, the shortest night of the year. In the fires, the evil is destroyed and the freshly picked harvests are celebrated.


The battle of wine in Haro

They say that the tradition of going on a pilgrimage to Bilivio (the old name Haro used to have) Crags comes from the XV century where the master of San Millán (Felices de Bilivio) lived and died. A chapel was built in his name in the eighteenth century and every 29th of June a mass and subsequent lunch was held for the festival of San Pedro. This has evolved big time and the battle of wine is one of the top festivals in Northern Spain, and very popular due to the use of wine as a main component in the day!

Haro – The battle of Wine in Haro, Rioja

On June 29th the vilage of Haro in Rioja is divided into two teams, ready to soak eachother in leters and leters of wine. This spectacle dates back to the the sixth century when pilgrims to the region would enjoy a feast after mass with enormous quantities of wine.

Best things to do in Spain in June
Bornfire during the San Juan Festival in alicate, Spain

San Juan fiestas in Alicante

On June 23rd, different communities accross Spain celebrate the sbeggining of the summer months with traditional festivals, markets and celebrations. Each region celebrates San Juan in its own way, but perhaps the most famous celebration takes place in Alicante where they celebrated with a roaring bonfire and a fiesta into the early hours of the morning. 

Pride week in Madrid 

Madrid’s famous parade takes place on July 6th, but the city will be bursting with colour from June 28th, when Pride Week officially starts. The city comes alive with performances, concerts, parties, etc. in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.