Spain month by month: July

Best things to do in Spain in July

Spain in July

The month of July brings summer to the Iberian peninsula. From Galicia to Murcia, temperatures start to rise and the Spaniards blood starts to boil. 

 The whole country starts to celebrate. Everywhere you go you will find a fair, a festival, a concert, etc. celebrating the arival of the summer months and the good times they bring with them. All the bars and restaurants in the country open their “terrazas” and begin serving outdoors so patrons can enjoy the warm weather with a cold drink. 

Definitely pack some cool clothes and pair of sun glasses and get ready to enjoy the bubbling Spanish culture and the amazing nightlife Spain has to offer. 

Best things to do in Spain in July

San Fermin Festival: the Running of the Bulls

The running of the Bulls of San Fermin, known as the San Fermin Festival, is celebrated each year in Pamplona from the 7th to the 14th of July.

The start of these bull runs at any town festival goes back to the necessity of transporting the animals from the holding pens outside the city to the plaza where they will engage in the San Fermin bull fights later in the evening.

Veranos de la Villa – Madrid 

The cities signature summer music and performing arts festival, with more than 90 spectacles taking place all over the city.

Best things to do in Spain in July

San Fermines – Pamplona 

One of the most famous festivals Spain has to offer. Most people may have heard of the festival because the running of the bulls, but there is a weeks worth of parties, concerts and other events you should check out. 

BBK Live music festival – Bilbao

From July 11th to the 13th, just outside of the city, in an amazing natural setting, the BBK music festival takes place. Some of the top rock and pop acts in the world flock to Bilbao to put on one hell of a show. 

Great fair of Valencia 

The great fair of Valencia lasts the whole month of July and brings tons of live music, parties, delicious street food and plenty of good times.