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Best pintxos bars in Bilbao

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Best pintxos bars in Bilbao

Pintxos are the Basque version of tapas. They are typically served on a slice of bread, held together with a toothpick, or a pintxo, from there the name. The beautiful city of San Sebastian and Bilbao are well known throughout Spain for serving the best and tastiest pintxos.

But finding the best bars in Bilbao to enjoy this most delicious of finger foods can be a hassle. But, worry not, our expert local guides have done the hard work for you and have created the list of the best pintxos bars in Bilbao. Check it out!   

Best pintxos bars in Bilbao

El Globo

El Globo has one of the most complete pintxo bars in Bilbao. It’s hard to choose just one, so our advice is to try as many as you can. But without a doubt the pintxo you cannot miss is the gratin crab. This traditional recipe of Basque gastronomy reaches its maximum expression in this place in the city center. A miniature haute cuisine bite that will delight seafood fans.

Melilla y Fez

Leaving behind the gleaming Old Town and entering the mysterious Iturribide, you will immediately arrive at the mythical Melilla and Fez. The walk to a bar full of tortillas of all flavors is well worth it.

They are the perfect aperitif for the lamb pintxo you must sample later. Why is a snack whose origin is so far from Bilbao so successful? Because it is authentic and has not been altered by avant-garde chefs in this kitchen. The Moorish pintxo from Melilla is still as delicious today as 50 years ago.

Salón de Juegos Concha 1

It may seem like a strange place to taste a pintxo, and it is. It is one of the insider’s secrets of the city. No outsider would imagine that such a place could prepare fabulous omelettes.  There’s nothing fancy about the presentation, but the taste is out of this world.

The omelets are prepared slightly runny and in several flavors: txaka, ham and cheese, mushrooms, although the star is undoubtedly the tortilla con patatas. Trying this classic of Spanish gastronomy in the Concha-1 game room is a safe bet.


If you are one of those folks who cannot live in a world without cheese, this is the place for you. Pintxos with all kinds of cheeses are on the menu, but the cheese crepe with mushrooms and piquillo pepper sauce stands above the rest. It is served hot so it is wise to ask for a glass of fresh cider to accompany it.

In addition, Gaztandegi has a very large selection of the best cheeses in Europe. You will want to try them all. Without a doubt, this is a mandatory stop on your pintxos route through the city.

Bodega Joserra 

At Bodega Joserra they don’t cut corners, what matters is the quality of the products. Oblivious to new fashions, this tavern maintains its solera and tradition serving what for many are the best sandwiches in the Casco Viejo.

Sit at one of their tables and try the “bonito con divisa”, undoubtedly the most famous bocatas they make. And if you are lucky, perhaps you will meet a gang of txikiteros, who will liven up your meal with their songs. All very authentic.


When it’s time for an aperitif at Baste, there is always a pleasant atmosphere. It’s undoubtedly a clear indicator that you will eat well there. They are known for traditional and generous cuisine and for decades their stuffed mussels, or mojojones,  have acquired great fame.

Trays and trays of these small delicacies, that patrons happily devour with wine in hand, parade non-stop from the kitchen. A good place for a Sunday morning start to your day.

Taberna Basaras 

At Basaras, the star product is the anchovy. The salted anchovies are, rubbed, cleaned and then put in oil. Each little fish is prepared with a lot of love. Once ready the anchovies are served on a slice of bread often with red pepper. 

It’s an artisanal process that requires time and patience, but when you try one of these simple, but delicious delights, you will realize that it is worth it. Times may change, but when something is good and has personality, it lasts.


Entering a bar and having such a variety of pintxos to choose from is a delight. The bar is full of colors and smells, so let yourself be carried away by your intuition and you will surely be happy.

The Irrintzi combines traditional elements of Basque gastronomy with very avant-garde cuisine, which makes it a mandatory stop on your walk through the Old Town. There is always a welcoming atmosphere. That is why their motto is ‘Pintxos & Friends’. What more could you want?

Gure Toki

Gure Toki is one of those pintxo bars where you won’t be able to decide what to do first,eat or take photos. From the Plaza Nueva, in the heart of the city, Gure Toki looks towards the future of cuisine without forgetting its past. One of its hallmarks is a commitment to serving freshly made hot pintxos. Among its offerings are beef ribs, cod or cheese cake, but we encourage you to let yourself go and choose your favorites. You can’t go wrong.

El Eme 

No one knows exactly what is in their sauce, but it is delicious. Just choose if you prefer a triangle or a tower and try to guess the secret ingredients.

Eme has become an institution and a place of pilgrimage for many people outside the city who cannot resist a pintxo with more than half a century of history. The reality lives up to the legend and it’s up to you to check it out.


Somera is one of the liveliest streets in Casco Viejo, especially at night during the weekends. Among all the bars, Motrikes stands out thanks to a bit of intrigue involving their mushroom pintxos.

The preparation seems simple: a couple of grilled mushrooms, a slice of bread and dash of their special sauce. Legend has it that someone actually offered to pay 30,000 euros for the recipe, but the proprietors refused. Thanks to their fortitude, you can go to this famous street to try the pintxos with a closely guarded culinary secret.  

zaragoza tapas bars


Because you don’t always have the opportunity to try something as original as the rooster crest. Xukela is one of those bars that is always on the culinary route people of Bilbao make in the area.

Its fame has spread throughout the city thanks to its traditional casseroles and pintxos, the most famous of which is the cresta de gallo or roosters crest. If you are looking for something different, fun and classic, the Xukela is your bar.

Laurel street in Logroño

A street with more than 60 bars or restaurants where you can savor the gastronomic delights of La Rioja. On Calle Laurel you will find a bar every two meters and you can taste typical products such as asparagus, borage or peppers and rich preparations such as potatoes a la Riojana or chops al sarmiento. Of course, you should have a glass or two of world famous Rioja wine to complement your tapas. In addition to this street in Logroño you will find bars with tapas on Albornoz, San Agustín and Travesía de Laurel.

El Puertito de Ledesma

If you love oysters you have to go to Puertito. You will find up to eight varieties of this delicacy brought from different parts of Spain and Europe.

You can eat them unadorned or with the different dressings they offer and accompanied with a glass of wine from its fantastic winery where the txakolis, albariños and champagnes stand out. Its decoration and modern style make the visit a fresh maritime experience.

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