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Benidorm is located in the province of Alicante, south of Valencia. The Costa Blanca of Spain is world-famous for its spectacular beaches, wonderful food, and amazing weather. Benidorm is no different. Aside from Benidorm’s natural beauty, it is also a city well known for its amazing nightlife and party vibes. Crowds flock to Benidorm every summer to enjoy the disco’s, parties, and festivals. But Benidorm is more than just a party town. check out everything this wonderful beach town has to offer. 

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Practical information to plan your visit to Benidorm

5 top reasons to visit Benidorm

Plaça del Castell

Plaça Castell is the iconic and picturesque square you will find between Playa Levante and Playa Poniente on the Benidorm Marina. The square was built where the Castle of Benidorm stood for centuries. The castle was destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars, and this beautiful square took its place. 

The views and the surroundings are amazing and its the best place in the city for a picture or just to enjoy the sunset with your significant other. 


Levante Beach

Levante beach is Benidorms most famous beach. if you have seen a picture of Benidorm, you were probably looking at an image of Levante beach.

This beach is long and wide with perfect golden sand and pristine water. The promenade is always packed with bars, shops, and restaurants and many many chiringuitos (Spanish for beachside shanties) that can serve you a bite to eat and a cold drink. It gets very busy in summer, however, so you better get up early is you want a good piece of sand for the day. 

Poniente Beach

If you are looking for a quieter, more secluded experience you should head on over to Poniente beach. It is located south of the center of Benidorm (Levante beach is to the north). Here you will find fewer crowds and a more family-friendly atmosphere. You will get the same perfect sand and gorgeous water, but less hustle and bustle. It’s clean, comfortable, and safe to swim. 

Tapas Alley

the Mediterranean coast of Spain is well known for its amazing, seafood-heavy, cuisine. Benidorm definitely lives up to this reputation, if you know where to go. 

Benidorm can be a bit touristy, and there is a good amount of tourist-trap restaurants unsurprisingly. But if what you are looking for is some good old Mediterranean cooking head on over to the historic city center of Benidorm. and look for a covered alley by the name of Calle Santo Domingo. This dinky little street is lined with tiny tapas bars. You will find all the classic tapas and pinchos you were looking for and all the wonderful red wine you could ever ask for to wash it all down. The best way to experience Calle Santo is to partake in the ancient ritual of bar hopping. 


Terra Mítica

And of course, we couldn’t leave out Terra Mitica, one of Spain’s best amusement parks that just happens to be right next to Beindorm. Port Aventura might be the only better amusement park in Spain. Is there a more “summer” activity than going to an amusement park? Make sure to set aside a day to indulge in some roller coasters. 

Terra Mitica is not only one of the most famous theme parks in the country it is also one of the biggest. The park is divided in three areas are inspired by the ancient civilizations: Rome, Egypt, and Greece.  There are plenty of sacry and thrilling rides, performances, shows, etc. there is even a section for smaller children, so everyone can enjoy their day at the amusement park. 

Best time to visit Benidorm

The Mediterranean coast of Spain enjoys great weather almost all year ’round. The worst it gets is during the winter months, obviously, when temperatures lower and it begins to rain with some consistency. 

The summer months it gets very hot and crowded. People from across the world flock to Spain’s western coast to enjoy the amazing beaches, food, and parties. Benidorm in summer gets crowded, but it is also when all the “fun stuff” takes place. It’s definitely the best time of year to visit if you are looking to party. 

If you want a more laidback Benidorm experience the months of March, April, and May are your best bet. 

Weather in Benidorm

Benidorm enjoys a Mediterranean climate which means hot summers and mild winters, with stable temperatures the rest of the year. 

Best things to do Near Benidorm

Best things to do in Spain in June
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Best things to do in Spain in June

The San Juan Bonfires, the wine battle of Rioja, the music and dance festival of Granada, are just some of the best things to do in Spain in June. Check out our top picks!

Bornfire during the San Juan Festival in alicate, Spain

San Juan fiestas in Alicante, Spain

The San Juan Fiestas in Alicante, or Bonfires of San Juan, are a celebration of pagan origin that is repeated in many towns in Spain and similarly in other cities around the world for the arrival of the summer solstice. They can go on from the 21st to 23rd of June, the shortest night of the year. In the fires, the evil is destroyed and the freshly picked harvests are celebrated.

La Tomatina Festival in Buñol

The amazing La Tomatina Festival in Buñol

The tomato fight (la Tomatina festival) is celebrated each year on the last Wednesday of August in Buñol – one of Valencia’s municipalities. The tomato fight goes from 11 to 12 in the morning.
The history of the tomato festival starts in 1945 where a group of young kids waited for the beginning of a local celebration near a vegetable stand and began throwing them until the police put a stop to the battle.

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