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Whale watching in Spain

Whale watching in Spain

Whale watching in Spain

The geography of Spain has multiple gorges and ravines between mountains that run the rivers, full of landscapes and beautiful places that are only accessible by narrow paths guided by professionals and are the perfect setting to do canyoning, descend down some dangerous water or rafting.

Off the coast of Tarifa from Algeciras until the Cabo de Gracia in Tarifa, you’ll find the “Estrecho y Reserva Intercontinental de la Biosfera” natural park, a protected shoreline area that occupies the union of the Mediterranean sea with the Atlantic Ocean, a situation that generates curious currents causing an exceptional biodiversity made of migratory birds and marine mammals.   

These special circumstances make the Gibraltar Strait one of the top four places in the world in terms of the variety and likelihood of whale watching, considering that in almost all the departures it’s guaranteed that you’ll see at least one of the resident species.   

In the Gibraltar Strait you can find distinct species, some that live in the area such as common or bottle nose dolphins, or semi-residents such as the  orcas that like to share the catch of the Spanish and Moroccan fisherman in the fishing grounds of the Strait. Others, like pilot whales, sperm whales and fin whales use the Gibraltar Strait as a migratory passage, for example, the fin whale migrates from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic in the spring and the other way around in winter.  

Orcasor killer whales  are the easiest to spot when you’re animal watching since its fishing methods are well known. When the fishing grounds are open, they prowl around Spanish and Moroccan fishing boats to snatch their catches of red tuna before they get to the boat. When the grounds are closed, you will see them fishing in the currents near the coast.    

Near the port, you can sign up for a tour with any of the companies that dedicate themselves to marine life sighting, with their panoramic hull vessels and instructors that will help you identify different species during the excursion.  


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