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Canyoning in Spain

Canyoning in Spain

Canyoning in Spain

The geography of Spain has multiple gorges and ravines between mountains that run the rivers, full of landscapes and beautiful places that are only accessible by narrow paths guided by professionals and are the perfect setting to do canyoning, descend down some dangerous water or rafting.

The decent of canyons, or canyoning, is a semi-aquatic sport that you can enjoy in direct contact with nature. Canyoning consists in following the course of the river from a high point, avoiding all types of natural obstacles, passing through gorges, sliding down natural rock slides that have been polished by water and by jumping down into deep ponds, immerging yourself to pass through siphons and going down waterfalls and vertical walls which requires extra training and a bit more experience.  

The way to measure the difficulty of the descents comes in 3 levels, for all of them you need to be able to swim so that you can really enjoy the outdoor adventure. Starting with the easiest level, level 1, suited for kids 10+. Level 2 is for kids 12+ with a bit more difficulty but it is also suitable for families and friends who have a bit more experience. Finally you have level 3, which is suitable for kids 14+ and for canyoners who are looking for adrenalin, including more difficult courses and higher jumps.   

Canyoning is not suitable for people that are afraid of height or have vertigo, and you always have to be accompanied by an expert or a local guide, and you have to be aware that, depending on the difficulty of the course, it might take up the morning or even the whole day.

To take part in canyoning, you need to wear a minimum of equipment, a bathing suit, a towel and light walking shoes since the mountain equipment will be supplied by the company or the guide, like the wetsuit, the helmet, sippers, ropes and harnesses (if you needed them).  

All the group logistic like insurance, food, transport to the starting point and the rest of the technical equipment is given to you by the company, and for it they usually charge about 50euros for half a day or 100euros for the whole day.

A few of the spots were you can do canyoning in Spain are:

In Huesca, in the Sierra and Canones de Guarra Natural Park you can do Canyoning on top of waterfall descents in kayak, fafting in the Gallego River, Ara River or the Esera River.

Lerida, Noguera Payaresa has one of the best spots for canyoning and rafting in all of Europe with a scenery of the Pyrenees, which best season coincides with the melting of the ice in May and June.

In the center zone, you can find the Jucar Canon or the Pollatos Canon or the hoces Del Cabriel closest to Valencia. Also in Guadalajara in the Alto Tajo Natural Park like the jump of Poveda with different difficulty levels where all of the courses have ponds, slides and rapids.

In Avila, you also have various spots in Gredos and Adrada, Enebro or in the Nava, but these last three are level 3 courses that require a bit more experience and numerous rappels. 

In Caceres you can also find a few canyoning zones for excursionists with less experience, very suitable courses for beginners are the Desesperada and Garganton courses that are level 1 courses.    

In Andalucia, you can do canyoning in the birth of the Verde River in Granada or in the Sima of the Devil, in the Tajo in Malaga. 


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